Quickly Explaining Tech in Plain English

A web site called Common Craft has been doing a nice service for us techie types by producing clever little videos that explain some rather arcane subjects like RSS:

And now they have a new video that explains the concept of Wikis and why you would use one:

They are well done, and charming the way that they employ old fashioned stop-motion technique to create a sort of animated white board. My only negative comment is that I wouldn’t mind them using a different voice without the twang (just a personal thing I have with accents). On the other hand, some would probably say that using an amateur voice helps to suggest a non-professional feel for the presentation, which makes the subject less threatening.

It’s only a matter of time before some advertising exec sees one of these and rips off the technique for a ‘hip’ spot about a car or razor. In the meantime, I’m pleased to be able to point people to these videos when they need a quick (and are done at breakneck speed) tutorial on a few new concepts and technologies that are very popular these days. If you don’t quite get the concept of each the first time through, try once more through. It won’t take long.

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