What’s Taking so Long?

I learned the rather inconvenient truth about exporting slides for the web, including the most typical formats (export to one big QuickTime movie, export to PDF, export to Flash, export to a series of linked images): None of these handle presentations with embedded movies (they typically show up as still images, if anything at all), and my presentation was about 75% embedded Quicktime movies. Ouch. What’s more, some of these movies are either very large for the Web, or require some codecs that I had a hard time getting to work consistently on two different Macs, much less every Mac and Windows machine playing them via the Internet.

So, I find myself in the unfortunate situation of essentially having to recreate the slides from scratch in Dreamweaver, and re-compress all of the movies (along with trying to figure out how to do so without them becoming unreadable thanks to multiple transformations from one codec to another). All of this is not a problem if one has the time. So, I’m going to give it a couple of more hours today and hopefully will get closer to a solution that I can post here. In the meantime, sorry for the delay.

2 thoughts on “What’s Taking so Long?

  1. That’s what I thought I could do. Unfortunately, the way that Keynote exports them is as a big graphic (your choice of PNG or JPEG) wth an array of all the slides in the presentation and either a script on the graphic itself to cycle to the next one, or (if you check that option) a next and previous arrow for loading the next or previous graphic. It’s actually quite clever, but doesn’t work for this situation.

    I was thinking about this last night and have come to the conclusion that my best bet is to re-create the presentation in an online presentation app and link to it from here.

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