I was going to blog earlier this week about the upcoming User Experience Camp Vancouver, which Karen Parker and I are organizing and holding at the Vancouver Film school this Saturday, but the event sold out nearly immediately, and I fear that writing about it here will be frustrating to so many who can’t get in. The venue is a good one, but it only holds a little over 100 people, and we hit that number within a week and half of announcing it in a few online areas.

At any rate, my takeaways, even before UXCampVancouver starts are:

  1. There is clearly a desire here to have a conference where local User Experience people (that includes Information Architects, User Interface Designers, Web Developers, User Testers and Researchers, Software Entrepreneurs, etc.) can meet and share information and opinions.
  2. We may need a bigger venue if we do it again
  3. Being free doesn’t hurt either. After all, a chance to talk about this stuff, plus some coffee and treats, comfy chairs and Wi-Fi is a good way to spend a late fall Saturday in Vancouver, wet and rainy or not.

At any rate, if you do want to get on the Waiting list, there is still a chance, although remote, that someone who has signed up for a slot will bow out, so give it a shot, and hopefully I’ll get to see you on Saturday.


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